TotalView Online Help : Chapter 1 Root Window : File Menu Commands : File > Preferences
File > Preferences
Use this dialog box to set preferences for how TotalView will behave, as well as define some general characteristics. The pages in this dialog box are:
"Options Page"
"Action Points Page"
"Launch Strings Page"
"Bulk Launch Page"
"Dynamic Libraries Page"
"Parallel Page"
"Display Page"
"Formatting Page"
"Pointer Dive Page"
"ReplayEngine Page"
When you save your preferences, TotalView writes them to a file named preferences6.tvd in your .totalview directory. If this file exists, TotalView reads it and sets the preferences indicated within it before it begins executing.
Some preferences can differ from platform to platform. For example, the bulk launch parameters on SGI and IBM differ. Consequently, if a parameter can differ, TotalView stores a unique version for each platform. This could be the reason that a preference you set on one platform does not appear when viewing preferences on another. In general, this applies to the server launch strings and dynamic library paths.