TotalView Online Help : Chapter 2 Process Window : Process Window Panes : Action Points Tab
Action Points Tab
The Action Points Tab shows the list of breakpoints, evaluation points, and watchpoints for the process. This tab has three columns, as follows:
The first indicates the kind of breakpoint. Here you will see an icon indicating if you are at a breakpoint, evaluation point, barrier point, or watchpoint. TotalView displays the icon in gray if you had disabled or suppressed the action point. See Action Point > Enable and Action Point > Suppress All for more information.
A TotalView action point identifier. These identifiers are never reused within a session. This identifier is more often used within the CLI than within the TotalView GUI.
Text indicating where the breakpoint resides. This information includes a line number within a file, a program name, and the offset at which the breakpoint is set.
TotalView orders this list so that breakpoints are sorted by module name, routine name, line number, and address.
When TotalView is stopped at an action point, it places a yellow arrow over the action point’s icon. This lets you know exactly where TotalView has stopped execution within a stack frame. (Each stack frame has its own stack pointer.)
If you are working with templated code, you will see ellipses (...) after the address. These ellipses indicate that there are additional addresses associated with the breakpoint.