TotalView Online Help : Chapter 2 Process Window : Action Point Menu : Action Point > Suppress All
Action Point > Suppress All
Toggles the state of all action points between suppressed and unsuppressed, as follows:
Suppressed—command is selected
TotalView saves the current enabled/disabled state of each action point in the process, in addition to disabling the action points.
Unsuppressed—command is not selected
TotalView restores the saved enabled/disabled state of actions points.
Suppressing and disabling action points do similar things. If you suppress or disable an action point, TotalView ignores it when it is encountered. They differ in that suppressing disables all action points. In contrast, you can only disable action points individually. In other words, suppress means disable all.
When you suppress action points, you are also telling TotalView that it can not create additional points.
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