TotalView® for HPC Installation Guide : Chapter 2 License Installation Quick Setup : Updating an Existing License
Updating an Existing License
Your TotalView license is implemented by FlexNet which is built into TotalView.
New releases of TotalView may infrequently incorporate updated FlexNet versions. Consult the TotalView release notes to determine if a FlexNet update has been applied.
If your TotalView release does include a newer FlexNet version than that which is currently installed on your system, choose the FlexNet Update installation option.
Otherwise, complete the steps in the No FlexNet Update section.
FlexNet Update
1. Stop the currently running license server:
<installdir>/toolworks/flexlm-<oldversion>/bin/toolworks_init stop
2. Open <installdir>/toolworks/flexlm-<oldversion>/license.dat, and note the license server manager daemon's TCP/IP port number. This is the last field on the SERVER line (for example: "7127").
3. Next, follow the steps in Installing a New License. When the Configure_License script asks for the license server manager daemon's TCP/IP port number, enter the port number as noted above.
No FlexNet Update
1. Modify your license.dat file by adding the new license key(s) provided, and removing the TotalView license key(s) that are duplicate (licenses with the same entitlement code) or being replaced and are therefore no longer valid.
2. Run the toolworks_lmreread script so the running license server will reread your modified license.dat file:
This completes the license install. No further setup is necessary.