TotalView® for HPC Installation Guide : Chapter 4 Installing or Changing a Regular License : Installing FlexNet Standalone : Starting the Install Program
Starting the Install Program
Here is the procedure for installing FlexNet:
1. (Optional) Become the root user on the system where you will install the license server software:
su root
We recommend that you become the root user when installing FlexNet as this prevents users from modifying the software after you install it.
On some systems, you will use the sudo command. In this case, you would invoke the Install program in step 2 by typing sudo ./Install.
1. From the directory containing the unbundled files, start the Install program:
For information on using this command, type ./Install -help. If you use any of the options displayed by this command, the software is non-interactively installed.
2. The Install program asks you to accept the license terms. You can respond Yes to accept, No to decline, or ? to view the license terms. You must accept the license terms to continue the installation.
3. The Install program asks that you name an installation directory. If the directory you specify does not exist, the program requests a new location, effectively meaning the directory you specify must already exist. The Install program then creates a toolworks directory and places the flexlm-version directory within it. Type a period “.” if you want Install to place FlexNet in your current directory.
If you do not enter a name, the installation directory is either /usr/toolworks or /opt/toolworks—this is system dependent.
1. You are then asked which components you wish to install. You should install the license common files and the license platform files for your license server.
2. If you became root to install FlexNet, use the exit command.