Totalview® for HPC Reference Guide : PART I CLI Commands : Chapter 3 CLI Namespace Commands : Command Overview : Accessor Functions
Accessor Functions
The following functions, all within the TV:: namespace, access and set TotalView properties:
actionpoint: Accesses and sets action point properties.
expr: Manipulates values created by the dprint -nowait command.
focus_groups: Returns a list containing the groups in the current focus.
focus_processes: Returns a list of processes in the current focus.
focus_threads: Returns a list of threads in the current focus.
group: Accesses and sets group properties.
process: Accesses and sets process properties.
scope: Accesses and sets scope properties.
symbol: Accesses and sets symbol properties.
thread: Accesses and sets thread properties.
type: Accesses and sets data type properties.
type_transformation: Accesses and defines type transformations.