Totalview® for HPC Reference Guide : PART I CLI Commands : Chapter 2 CLI Commands : dunset
Restores default settings for variables
Restores a CLI variable to its default value
dunset debugger-var
Restores all CLI variables to their default values
dunset -all
Name of the CLI variable whose default setting is being restored.
Restores the default settings of all CLI variables.
The dunset command reverses the effects of any previous dset commands, restoring CLI variables to their default settings. See Chapter 5, "TotalView Variables" for information on these variables.
Tcl variables (those created with the Tcl set command) are not affected by this command.
If you use the -all option, the dunset command affects all changed CLI variables, restoring them to the settings that existed when the CLI session began. Similarly, specifying debugger-var restores that one variable.
dunset PROMPT
Restores the prompt string to its default setting; that is, {[dfocus]>}.
dunset -all
Restores all CLI variables to their default settings.
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