Modifying Arguments in an Open Session
All arguments or options that can be set while first configuring a session (see Options and Program Arguments) and can also be modified once the session has started.
NOTE: You can modify arguments in existing sessions only when debugging a program. You cannot modify arguments for existing sessions in which you have attached to a running process or are debugging a core or replay recording file.
Modify arguments in an existing session using either the UI or when loading a program from the command line, i.e. when entering totalview <program_name> into your shell. (See Starting a Session from your Shell.)
To modify arguments in the UI:
1. From within a debugging session, choose the Process menu, and then Modify Arguments. Alternatively, click the Modify Arguments () icon on the toolbar or press the shortcut key A.
Figure 28, Modify Arguments drop-down
The Session Editor launches.
Figure 29, Modifying Arguments in the Session Editor
2. Enter any modified arguments or options in either
*Reverse Debugging: Toggle this on or off.
*Arguments: Change any arguments to your program
*Environment variables: Enter or edit variables.
*Standard input: Enter or edit any input files.
NOTE: When modifying arguments within an open session, you cannot change the File Name or the Session Name, both of which are disabled.
3. Click Apply on Restart.
Modified arguments have no effect until you restart your program, selecting either Go, Kill or Restart.