The Lookup File or Function View
The Lookup File or Function view takes any keyword search and returns a file or function from within your program’s files.
Open the Lookup File or Function view.
NOTE: If the Lookup view is not visible, select Window > Views > Lookup File or Function or use the keyboard shortcut F, to open it.
Searching for files or functions is based on keywords. The search encompasses the debugging symbols available in the executable files for the processes running in TotalView. This means that if your program links in shared libraries that were not compiled with debugging symbols, the search does not see files or functions related to these shared libraries. Also, if a dynamically shared library is not loaded because the program has not called that code, the debugging symbols from that library are not available.
For example, a search of “ex” returns a range functions and files:
Clicking on one of the results opens the source file in a tab in the Source pane. If the result is a function, the function definition is displayed in the source file. As you click through each returned result, the source appears in the same tab.
Double-click on a result to create a permanent tab for the source file.
To display full path information in the results, select the checkbox at the bottom of the view.