System Resource Issues
­ReplayEngine writes internal information in /tmp. Normally, this uses very little space, but in some situations /tmp can grow large, and if your system has a small /tmp area, ReplayEngine may fill it up. If this occurs, you can:
*Increase the amount of storage allocated to /tmp.
*Use the TMPDIR environment variable to point to another disk location.
*Define a special TotalView variable, TVD_REPLAY_TMPDIR, for ReplayEngine to use as the base directory for writing its temporary information. For example:
setenv TVD_REPLAY_TMPDIR /home/user/smith/replayTempDir
ReplayEngine also changes the amount of memory your program uses because it keeps history and state information in memory.
While in replay mode, ReplayEngine creates extra processes (usually around 10) but depending on the complexity of the application you are debugging, you may see more. Ignore these processes as they are used only by ReplayEngine.
Controlling the history and state information storage
Saving and reloading execution history