About the TotalView CUDA Debugger
The TotalView CUDA debugger is an integrated debugging tool capable of simultaneously debugging CUDA code that is running on the host system and the NVIDIA® GPU. CUDA support is an extension to the standard version TotalView, and is capable of debugging 64-bit CUDA programs. Debugging 32-bit CUDA programs is currently not supported.
Supported major features:
*Debug CUDA application running directly on GPU hardware
*Set breakpoints, pause execution, and single step in GPU code
*View GPU variables in PTX registers, local, parameter, global, or shared memory
*Access runtime variables, such as threadIdx, blockIdx, blockDim, etc.
*Debug multiple GPU devices per process
*Support for the CUDA MemoryChecker
*Debug remote, distributed and clustered systems
*Support for directive-based programming languages
*Support for host debugging features
The CUDA SDK and a host distribution supported by NVIDIA. For SDK versions and supported NVIDIA GPUs, please see the TotalView Supported Platforms guide.