Support Notes
*Support information here in the product distribution is a snapshot. For the latest information, see the PDF version on the TotalView documentation web site.
*X Windows: X Windows is required on all platforms to run the TotalView and MemoryScape GUIs. Systems used for remote debugging, i.e. those running only the TotalView Server, do not need X Windows installed.
*OpenMP: Most languages now support OpenMP. If your language supports it, and if your OpenMP code compiles successfully with one of our supported compilers, then your OpenMP is considered supported by TotalView.
*CUDA debugging:
*Operating systems support: Linux x86-64, Linux PowerLE/OpenPOWER, and Linux-arm64 operating systems. Current support is for the 9.2, 10, and 11 tool chains.
*NVIDIA GPUs support: Tesla, Fermi, Kepler, Pascal, Volta, and Turing
Notes: 1) There is limited support for the Dynamic Parallelism feature; 2) On the NVIDIA Jetson Xavier Developer Kit, you must debug applications as root. For more information, please see “Using the CUDA Debugger” in the Classic TotalView User Guide.
*ReplayEngine for reverse debugging: Supported on Linux x86 and x86-64 operating systems. On other platforms, ReplayEngine buttons and menu selections are grayed out in the UI. For more information, please see the document “Reverse Debugging with ReplayEngine”.
Replay Engine supports the IP transport mechanism on most MPI systems. It supports communication over Infiniband using either the IBverbs or the QLogic PSM transport layers on some systems. Please see the section “Using ReplayEngine with Infiniband MPIs” in the Classic TotalView User Guide for details.
*Python debugging: Python 2.7 and 3.5 and above debugging is supported on Linux x86-64 operating systems. For more information, please see “Debugging Python” in the new UI’s TotalView User Guide.