Task 7: Graphically Viewing the Heap
This task is the first of a set of tasks that explain how to explore and examine your program’s memory. Other important tasks for examining memory are Task 9: Seeing Leaks and Task 11: Viewing Corrupted Memory.
Before reading this task, you should be familiar with:
An overview of memory concepts and
How to start MemoryScape and an overview of the kinds of information you can ­obtain.
Describes how to configure MemoryScape so that it performs the activities you want it to perform.
Shows how to start and stop program execution ­under MemoryScape control.
To display a grid showing how your program is using the heap, select Memory Reports | Heap Status, and then click Heap Status Graphical Report. (See Figure 61.)
If your program has more than one process or thread, you should select the thread or process of interest in the Current Processes area on the left side of the screen.
Topics in this task are: