Execution Control Commands
The following commands control execution:
*dcont: Continues execution of processes and waits for them.
*dfocus: Changes the set of processes, threads, or groups upon which a CLI command acts.
*dgo: Resumes execution of processes (without blocking).
*dhalt: Suspends execution of processes.
*dhistory (replay): Provides information for ReplayEngine and supports working with timestamps.
*dhold: Holds threads or processes.
*dnext: Executes statements, stepping over subfunctions.
*dnexti: Executes machine instructions, stepping over subfunctions.
*dout: Runs out of current procedure.
*dskip: Creates and manages single-stepper skip rules.
*dstep: Executes statements, moving into subfunctions if required.
*dstepi: Executes machine instructions, moving into subfunctions if required.
*dunhold: Releases held threads.
*duntil: Executes statements until a statement is reached.
*dwait: Blocks command input until processes stop.
*dworker: Adds or removes threads from a workers group.