About tvscript
Batch debug programs by starting TotalView using the tvscript command, which allows TotalView to run unattended. If you invoke tvscript using cron, you can schedule debugging for a certain time, for instance in the evening, so reports are available in the morning.
To perform complex actions, use a script file, which can contain CLI and Tcl commands.
Here, for example, is how tvscript is invoked on a program:
tvscript \
-create_actionpoint "method1=>display_backtrace -show_arguments" \ -create_actionpoint "method2#37=>display_backtrace \ -show_locals -level 1" \ -display_specifiers "noshow_pid,noshow_tid" \ -maxruntime "00:00:30" \ filterapp -a 20
You can also execute MPI programs using tvscript. Here is a small example:
tvscript -mpi "Open MP" -tasks 4 \
-create_actionpoint \
"hello.c#14=>display_backtrace" \