Sets terminal properties
stty [ stty-args ]
One or more UNIX stty command arguments as defined in the man page for your operating system.
The CLI stty command executes a UNIX stty command on the tty associated with the CLI window, allowing you to set all your terminal’s properties. However, this is most often used to set erase and kill characters.
If you start the CLI from a terminal using the totalviewcli command, the stty command alters this terminal’s environment. Consequently, the changes you make using this command are retained in the terminal after you exit.
If you omit the stty-args argument, the CLI returns help information on your current settings.
The output from this command is returned as a string.
Prints information about your terminal settings, equivalent to having entered stty while interacting with a shell.
stty -a
Prints information on all your terminal settings.
stty erase ^H
Sets the erase key to Backspace.
stty sane
Resets the terminal’s settings to values that the shell thinks they should be. For problems with command-line editing, use this command. (The sane argument is not available in all environments.)