Reads shared library symbols
Reads symbols from libraries
TV::read_symbols -lib lib-name-list
Reads symbols from libraries associated with a stack frame
TV::read_symbols -frame[number]
Reads symbols for all stack frames in the backtrace
TV::read_symbols -stack
-lib [lib-name-list]
Tells TotalView to read symbols for all libraries whose names are contained within thelib-name-list argument. Each name can include the asterisk (*) and question mark (?) wildcard characters.
This command ignores the current focus; libraries for any process can be affected.
-frame [number]
Tells TotalView to read the symbols for the library associated with the current stack frame. If you also enter a frame number, TotalView reads the symbols for the library associated with that frame.
Reads the symbols for every frame in the backtrace. This is the same as right-clicking in the Stack Trace Pane and selecting the Load All Symbols in Stack command. If, while reading in a library, TotalView may also need to read in the symbols from additional libraries.
The TV::read_symbols command reads debugging symbols from one or more libraries that TotalView has already loaded but whose symbols have not yet been read. They are not yet read because the libraries were included within either the TV::dll_read_loader_symbols_onlyor TV::dll_read_no_symbolslists.
For more information, see “Preloading Shared Libraries” in the Classic TotalView User Guide.