Using the Intel x86 FPCR Register
You can change the value of the FPCR within TotalView to customize the exception handling for your program.
For example, if your program inadvertently divides by zero, you can edit the bit setting of the FPCR register in the Stack Frame Pane. In this case, you would change the bit setting for the FPCR to include 0x0004 so that TotalView traps the “divide-by-zero” bit. The string displayed next to the FPCR register should now include EM=(ZM). Now, when your program divides by zero, it receives a SIGFPE signal, which you can catch with TotalView. See “Handling Signals in the Classic TotalView User Guide for information on handling signals. If you did not set the bit for trapping divide by zero, the processor would ignore the error and set the EF=(ZE) bit in the FPSR.