Using GNU DebugFission Split DWARF on Linux
On Linux, TotalView supports the GNU DebugFission variant of Split DWARF. The DWARF 5 variant of Split DWARF is not yet supported. For more information, check out the Saving Time and Space with Split DWARF white paper.
Building your application for GNU DebugFission Split DWARF:
*Use the -gsplit-dwarf compiler option to generate “.dwo” (DWARF object) files containing the full DWARF debug information, and an “.o” (object) file containing the code, data, and skeleton DWARF debug information. Note: the DWARF debug information in the “.o” file points to the “.dwo” file, therefore the “.dwo” file must not be deleted.
*Use the -fuse-ld=gold compiler option to use the gold linker (
*Use the -Wl, --gdb-index compiler option to pass the --gdb-index option to the gold linker. Note: The resulting executable or shared library image file contains a .gdb_index section that the debugger can use for faster startup.