Although primarily intended for C++, C++View may be usable with C. C does not allow overloading so there may be at most one TV_ttf_display_type function with external linkage present. If you are interested in formatting only one type, then this restriction will not be constraining.
You may be able to work around this problem by defining separate TV_ttf_display_type functions as before, but placing each in a different file, and defining them to be static. Since the visibility of each definition is limited to the translation unit in which it appears, multiple functions can coexist.
This work-around, however, depends on the nature of the debug information emitted by the compiler. Some compilers do not place static functions in an indexable section in the debug information, or may try to optimize them out. If TotalView cannot find the function, it will not be called. TotalView cannot traverse the entire resolved symbol table to find these functions, as it would incur significant performance problems.