C++View Example Files
Your TotalView distribution includes an examples directory, <totalview-installation>/examples, which includes the following C++View example files:
NOTE: Some compilers, such as some versions of gcc, do not emit debug information for typedefs in class scopes, and therefore TotalView cannot find the type underlying value_type so C++View may not work with those compilers.
A simple example showing two TV_ttf_display_type functions, one a function at global scope, the other a class function. It also demonstrates elision.
A simple example using templates, showing how the type named in the template can be passed to TV_ttf_add_row.
A more complex example using templates, showing how a TV_ttf_display_type function can be either generic or specialized for a particular instantiation of a template class. It also demonstrates elision.
A more complex example showing the use of STL container classes, elision, and the different values that TV_ttf_display_type can return.
This example adds a synthetic member to a class, and can be used to explore how C++View behaves under ReplayEngine.