View > Dive In All
The View > Dive In All command (which is also available when you right click on a field) allows you to display an element within an array of structures as if it were a simple array. After you select this command, TotalView replace the information in the current Variable Window with new information.
For example, suppose you have the following Fortran definition:
type embedded_array
real r
integer, pointer :: ia(:)
end type embedded_array
type(embedded_array) ea (3)
After you select the View > Dive In All command, TotalView displays all three r elements of the ea array as if it were a single array.
The View > Dive in All command can also display the elements of C array of structures as arrays.
As array manipulation commands work on what’s displayed and not what is stored in memory, you can operate on an array created by this command in the same manner as any other array. For example, you can visualize the array, obtain statistics about it, filter elements within it, and so on.
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