Setting Breakpoints (Action Points)
In TotalView, a breakpoint is just one type of “action point” of which there are four types:
*Breakpoint - stops execution of the processes or threads that reach it.
*Evaluation Point - executes a code fragment when it is reached. Enables you to set “conditional breakpoints” and perform conditional execution.
*Process Barrier Point - holds each process when it reaches the barrier point until all processes in the group have reached the barrier point. Primarily for MPI programs.
*Watchpoint - monitors a location in memory and either stops execution or evaluates an expression when the value stored in memory is modified.
This section uses the wave_extended example to set a basic breakpoint as well as an evaluation point, called an “eval point.”
NOTE: These procedures on working with action points can be performed independently of the other sections in this chapter (which starts at Basic Debugging), but you must first load the program as described in Load the Program to Debug.
Action points overview
Process barrier point
Action Points Tab in the Process Window
Action Points Tab” in the in-product Help