TotalView Online Help : Chapter 3 Variable Window : View Menu Commands : View > Freeze
View > Freeze
Tells TotalView that it should not change the data displayed within this window. Whenever execution stops, TotalView updates the contents of Variable Windows. More precisely, TotalView reevaluates the data found with the Expression area. If you do not want this reevaluation to occur, use this command.
After you select this command, TotalView writes an icon into the window, letting you know that the data is frozen.
Select the View > Freeze command a second time to tell TotalView that it should evaluate this window’s expression whenever execution stops.
In most cases, you’ll want to compare this information with an unfrozen copy. Do this by selecting the Window > Duplicate command before you freeze the display. As these two windows are identical, it doesn’t matter which one you freeze. However, if you use the Duplicate command after you freeze the display, be aware that the new duplicated window will continure to update normally. The ‘freeze’ state of a window is not retained when using the Window > Duplicate command.