TotalView Online Help : Chapter 2 Process Window : Process Window Panes : Stack Frame Pane
Stack Frame Pane
Displays all the function parameters, local variables, and registers for the selected stack frame. This frame does not include information on your program’s global variables; use the Tools > Program Browser command to obtain this information.
This frame can be set in two ways:
It is selected implicitly when TotalView hits a breakpoint or when it loads a program.
You select a routine in the Stack Trace Pane.
To change the value of any item in this pane, just click on the value you wish to change and then edit its value. To see more information about a variable or to dereference a chain of pointer variables, dive on the line containing the variable.
If you are debugging OpenMP code and the current thread is a slave thread in a parallel region, TotalView shows a special stack frame in the Stack Frame Pane.