TotalView Online Help : Chapter 10 Other Topics : Memory Debugging in Parallel Environments : SGI MPI
There are two ways to use MemoryScape on SGI MPI code. In most cases, all you need do is select the Debug > Enable Memory Debugging command upon the mpirun process. Once in a while, this may cause a problem. If it does, here’s what you should do:
1. Link your parallel application with MemoryScape’s agent as described in the "Linking Your Application With the Agent". Roughly:
cc -n32 -g test.o -Lpath -ltvheap -rpath path \
-lmpi -o test
2. Start TotalView on mpirun. For example:
totalview mpirun -a mpirun-args test args
3. If you need to modify the memory debugging options, you should do it now in MemoryScape.
4. Run the mpirun process.
5. Select Debug > Open MemoryScape from the menu to open MemoryScape to examine your memory usage.