TotalView Online Help : Chapter 10 Other Topics : Memory Debugging in Parallel Environments : RMS MPI
Here's how to use MemoryScape with Quadrics RMS MPI codes.
1. There is no need to link the application with MemoryScape’s agent because prun propagates environment variables to the rank processes. However, if you’d like to link the application with MemoryScape’s agent, you can.
2. Start TotalView on prun. For example:
totalview prun -a prun-args test args
3. Enable memory debugging using the Debug > Enable Memory Debugging command from the Process Window showing prun. If you had linked in the agent, Enable memory debugging is automatically selected.
4. If you want TotalView to notify you when a heap error occurs in your application (and you probably do), select the Debug >Stop on Memory Errors command from the Process Window. It may be selected already.
5. Run the prun process.
6. Select Debug > Open MemoryScape from the menu to open MemoryScape to examine your memory usage.