TotalView Online Help : Chapter 2 Process Window : Process Window Panes : Processes/Ranks Tab
Processes/Ranks Tab
Displays a grid containing all of the processes in the current control group. If you are debugging an MPI program, TotalView displays ranks instead of processes.
The Processes Tab was displayed by default in previous versions of TotalView, but now it is off by default. This is because it can significantly affect performance, particularly for large, massively parallel applications. The tab can be turned back on with the command line switch -processgrid and/or by setting TV::GUI::process_grid_wanted to true in the .tvdrc file. If you enable this tab in the .tvdrc file, you can disable it for a particular session with the -noprocessgrid command line switch.
Figure 43 – Processes Tab
The block’s color represents the state, as follows:
Stopped; usually due to another process or thread hitting a breakpoint
At breakpoint.
All threads in the process are running or can run.
The Error state usually indicates that your program received a fatal signal from the operating system. Signals such as SIGSEGV, SIGBUS, and SIGFPE can indicate an error in your program.
The process has not begun running.
Diving (clicking) on a block switches the context within the Process Window so that the Process is contained within the Process Window. If the process contains more than one thread, TotalView switches to the first worker thread. That is, it does not switch context to a manager thread.
If you select a group within the scope pulldown, which at the upper-left corner of the Process Window, TotalView dims blocks representing processes that are not within the group.