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Process > Step Instruction
Steps all threads in the lockstep group associated with the thread of interest that are within the thread of interest’s process over an assembler instruction. That is, TotalView lets one assembler instruction be executed. If the current instruction is a function call, TotalView steps into that function.
While the lockstep group is being run to the next instruction, the entire process is also allowed to run. The operation does not complete until all the threads in the lockstep group thread finish stepping or another thread hits a breakpoint.
Contrast this command with the thread and group equivalents:
The thread version only steps the current thread.
The group version steps all matching processes in the group.
NOTE >> If more than one statement exists on the line, all are executed.
If the process exists, TotalView runs the selected thread until the PC reaches the next address for which it has information. If the process does not yet exist, this command launches the process and runs the first thread until the PC reaches the first address for which TotalView has information.
For related information, see "Process > Go".
For more information on processes and threads and their behavior while being stepped, see “Group, Process, and Thread Control” in the “TotalView Users Guide”.
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