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Process > Run To
Continues all threads in the lockstep group associated with the thread of interest that are within the process. The processes continue running until threads in the lockstep group reach the selected source line or instruction in the Source Pane.
Before using this command, you must select a line in the Source Pane. You can also select and run to a line in a another stack frame, in which case the operation does not complete until the thread reaches the selected line. If you are running to a line in another stack frame, TotalView will change the stack display because execution has moved to a different.
While the lockstep group is being run to the next source line or instruction, the entire process is also allowed to run. The operation does not complete until all the threads in the lockstep group thread finish stepping or another thread hits a breakpoint.
NOTE >> Be careful to distinguish between this command and Out. The difference is that “Run To” requires you to select a target line. “Out” either takes you out of the current routine or to a selected target routine.
For related information, see "Process > Go".
For more information on processes and threads and their behavior while being stepped, see “Group, Process, and Thread Control” in the “TotalView Users Guide”.
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