TotalView Online Help : Chapter 10 Other Topics : Memory Debugging in Parallel Environments : MPICH
Here's how to use MemoryScape when launching MPICH MPI codes from the command line.
1. You must link your parallel application with MemoryScape’s agent as described in "Linking Your Application With the Agent". On most Linux x86 (32-bit) systems, you’ll type:
mpicc -g test.o -o test -Lpath -ltvheap -Wl,-rpath,path
2. Start TotalView using the -tv command-line option to the mpirun script in the usual way. For example:
mpirun -tv mpirun-args test args
TotalView will start up on the rank 0 process.
3. Because you will have linked in MemoryScape’s agent, memory debugging is automatically selected in your rank 0 process.
4. If you need to modify the memory debugging options, you should do it now in MemoryScape.
5. Run the rank 0 process.
6. Select Debug > Open MemoryScape from the menu to open MemoryScape to examine your memory usage.