TotalView Online Help : Chapter 2 Process Window : Debug Menu Commands : Debug > Heap Baseline> Set Heap Baseline (in Group)
Debug > Heap Baseline> Set Heap Baseline (in Group)
Use the Debug> Set Heap Baseline command to set a baseline in each thread contained within a group. You can use this command any time an execution process is stopped or halted. After you select this command, the Memory Debugger will begin remembering all heap operations that occur within the thread. At a later time, you can select the:
Debug > Heap Baseline > Heap Change Summary command. The window initially displays information about changes. Two buttons in this window lets you display detailed information about allocations made since you created a baseline or memory that was leaked since this baseline.
Many of the views within the Memory Debugger have a Relative to Baseline check box. Selecting this check box alters the display so that view shows changes made since the baseline.
Before using this command, you must enable memory debugging either by selecting the Debug > Enable Memory Debugging command or selecting Enable memory debugging in MemoryScape’s Memory Debugging Options page.