TotalView Online Help : Chapter 4 Visualizer Window : View Window
View Window
View Windows display graphical images of your data. Every View Window contains a menu bar and a drawing area. The View Window title is its dataset identification.
The following table defines general commands that you can use while display a surface view. Command letters can be typed in either upper- or lower-case.
Pick (show value): The Visualizer shows the value of the data point underneath the cursor.
Camera mode: Mouse events affect the camera position and focal point. (Axes moves, and you don’t.)
Actor mode: Mouse events affect the actor that is under the mouse pointer. (You move, not the axes.)
Joystick mode: Motion occurs continuously while you are pressing a mouse button.
Trackball mode: Motions only occurs when you press the mouse button and you move the mouse pointer.
Wireframe view: The Visualizer displays the surface as a mesh. (This is the same as not checking the Surface option.)
Surface view: The Visualizer displays the surface as a solid. (This is the same as having checked the Surface option.)
Reset: Removes some of the changes you’ve made to the way the Visualizer displays an object.
Initialize: Restores the object to what it was before you interacted with the Visualizer. As this is a menubar accelerator, the window must have focus.
Exit or Quit: Close the Visualizer or
The following table defines the actions you can perform using your mouse:
Click or Press
Camera mode
Actor mode
Rotate camera around focal point (surface only)
Rotate actor around focal point (surface only)
Left mouse button
Zoom: you appear to get closer to the object.
Scale: the object appears to get larger
Right mouse button
Pan: you move the “camera”. For example, moving the camera up means the object moves down.
Translate: The object moves in the direction you pull it.
Middle mouse button or
Shift-left mouse button
The File menu on the menu bar is the same for all View Windows. Other items on the menu bar are specific to particular types of View Window.