TotalView® for HPC Installation Guide : Chapter 8 Uninstalling TotalView 
Chapter 8 Uninstalling TotalView 
The Three-Step Removal Process
To remove or uninstall TotalView:
1. If the license server is running, stop it. If the license manager software is installed in /usr/local/toolworks, the following commands stop the license manager. Before entering these commands, you may need to use the su shell command to become the root user or use the sudo command to directly invoke the following program.
cd /usr/toolworks/flexlm-version/bin
./toolworks_init stop
2. Remove the installation directory. The default location is
If you have more than one version of TotalView, just remove what you don’t want. If you are just removing a version, you do not need to stop the license manager.
3. The home directories of all TotalView users have a .totalview subdirectory. Remove it.
If you’re not interested in using TotalView after trying it, we’d really appreciate you sending email to and letting us know why.