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Linux Running on an x86 Platform
The following table lists the procedures to compile programs on Linux x86 platforms.
Compiler Command Line
Absoft Fortran 77
f77 -g program
.f f77 -g program.for
Absoft Fortran 90
f90 -g program.f90
Absoft Fortran 95
f95 -g program.f95
gcc -g program.c
g++ -g program.cxx
GCC Fortran
gfortran -g program.f
Intel C++ Compiler
icc -g program.cxx
Intel Fortran Compiler
ifc -g program.f
Lahey/Fujitsu Fortran
lf95 -g program.f
PGI Fortran 77
pgf77 -g program.f
PGI Fortran 90
pgf90 -g program.f