MPICH2 Applications
NOTE: You should be using MPICH2 version 1.0.5p4 or higher. Earlier versions had problems that prevented TotalView from attaching to all the processes or viewing message queue data.
Downloading and Configuring MPICH2
You can download the current MPICH2 version from:
If you wish to use all of the TotalView MPI features, you must configure MPICH2. Do this by adding one of the following to the configure script that is within the downloaded information:
- -enable-debuginfo  
- - -enable-totalview
The configure script looks for the following file:
It fails if the file is not there.
The next steps are:
1. Run make
2. Run make install
This places the binaries and libraries in the directory specified by the optional - -prefix option.
3. Set the PATH and LD_LIBRARY_PATH to point to the MPICH2 bin and lib directories.