The tvdsvr Command and its Options
tvdsvr {-server | -callback hostname:port | -serial device} [other options]
tvdsvr allows TotalView to control and debug a program on a remote machine. To accomplish this, the tvdsvr program must run on the remote machine, and it must have access to the executables being debugged. These executables must have the same absolute path name as the executable that TotalView is debugging, or the PATH environment variable for tvdsvr must include the directories containing the executables.
You must specify a -server, -callback, or -serial option with the tvdsvr command. By default, TotalView automatically launches tvdsvr using the -callback option, and the server establishes a connection with TotalView. (Automatically launching the server is called autolaunching.)
If you prefer not to automatically launch the server, you can start tvdsvr manually and specify the -server option. Be sure to note the password that tvdsvr prints out with the message:  
pw = hexnumhigh:hexnumlow
TotalView will prompt you for hexnumhigh:hexnumlow later. By default, tvdsvr automatically generates a password that it uses when establishing connections. If desired, you can set your own password by using the -set_pw option.
To connect to the tvdsvr from TotalView, use the File > New Program Dialog Box and specify the host name and TCP/IP port number, hostname:portnumber on which tvdsvr is running. Then, TotalView prompts you for the password for tvdsvr.