TotalView for HPC FNP License Renewal
For served licenses used by TotalView for HPC, license renewal includes running the script toolworks_lmreread to reload the license.dat file.
If you are currently using TotalView, you need to update your existing the <installdir>/toolworks/flexlm-<version>/license.dat file after you receive a new one. You do not need to create a new <installdir>/toolworks/flexlm‑<version>/license.src file, nor do you need to rerun the Configure_License script (used by TotalView for HPC only) unless you have deleted or changed the location of the flexlm-<version> directory.
To update your license.dat file:
1. Back up your existing <installdir>/toolworks/flexlm‑<version>/license.dat file. For example,
cp <installdir>/toolworks/flexlm-<version>/license.dat <installdir>/toolworks/flexlm-<version>/license.dat.bak
2. Using a text editor, edit the license.dat file and append the new TotalView license keys you have received to the end of the license.dat file.
3. Direct the license server to reread your license.dat file: