Transitioning to a Licensed Install
The procedure for transitioning from a demo license to a licensed TotalView product differs depending on the TotalView product.
NOTE: To get a permanent/subscription license, TotalView needs to be installed. If you have completed an evaluation, you may already have it installed; if not, see Installing TotalView.
Summary of the licensing process
*Determine the host ID for your machine and provide it to the licensing team to receive a permanent or subscription license.
Note: For TotalView Developer and Developer for HPC, the individual machine’s host ID is used; for TotalView for HPC, this host ID will be for the license server.
*Confirm your license by running the utility toolworks_licensetype, which should report an FNP, FNE, or RLM license and the TotalView product that you have.
*Install the license, either on an individual machine or set up a license server, if your product requires one. (Only TotalView for HPC requires a license server.)
For detail, see:
The equivalent of the previous product TotalView Individual
The equivalent of the previous products TotalView Team or Team Plus
NOTE: Installations for HPE Cray and macOS may require different or additional procedures. See the Appendix for more detail.