FNP License Three-Server Redundant Triad
If you require FNP license failover support, you can set it up in one of two ways: one method implements a three-server redundant setup; the other requires two or more license servers or uncounted licenses to be available in a search list. For detail, see the “Ensuring License Availability” chapter in the FlexNet Publisher License Administration Guide located in the directory <installdir>/toolworks/flexlm-<version>/doc.
NOTE: In most (if not all) cases, the three-server redundant setup is recommended over the search list because using the search list requires that your purchased license tokens be split between the servers in the list, limiting the number of processes you can run on a given server.
Three-Server redundant configuration
A three-server redundant setup includes three servers: one acts as the master, which serves the licenses. If it fails, one of the two secondary servers takes over as master. At any given time, two of the three machines (a quorum) must be up and available.
When creating this configuration, send the output of toolworks_hostid for each of the three servers to the licensing department. Licensing will create and send you a key that encrypts the hostids of all three servers in the triad. Add these three server lines to your license.dat file, then install the license.dat file on each of the three license servers.