Starting and Stopping the RLM License Server
Starting the License Server
Run the following command to start the license server.
<installdir>/toolworks/reprise‑<version>/bin/toolworks_init start
NOTE: Note that toolworks_init was generated by the Configure_License script in 4. Configure the RLM License Server.
You can check that the license server started by viewing its log, created after running toolworks_init start at:
As an alternative, you can run the commands within this section as an argument to the sudo command.
If you configured your license server to run as a non-privileged user, the initialization script ensures that the license management daemons are started and run under the non-privileged user even if you run the script as root.
Stopping the License Server
To stop the license server:
<installdir>/toolworks/reprise‑<version>/bin/toolworks_init stop
Autostarting the License Server
If you would like the license server to automatically start when the system is booted, run the following script as root:
Configure_Autostart prompts you for some configuration questions and then makes changes to the specified startup files.