TotalView Student
Install TotalView Student via a graphical installer downloaded from the Perforce TotalView downloads page.
You will receive an entitlement code via email which you will use during the installation process.
1. Download the installer from
Use the dropdown controls near the top of the page to select the student installer for your platform, along with a documentation tar bundle and an MD5 checksum file. Online links to the change log and release notes for the current version are also available.
The graphical installer is available for Linux and macOS.
*For Linux, the installer is a .run file to be invoked from the command line in a terminal window.
*For macOS, the installer is a .dmg file.
2. Run the installer, which installs TotalView and retrieves a node-locked student license file from Perforce. Internet connectivity is required to retrieve the student license file.
Provide the entitlement code when prompted. The installer automatically determines your machine’s host ID, verifies the entitlement code, generates a student license file, and installs it on your machine. The installed files provide the same functionality as that in purchased instances of TotalView. It is the license file that differentiates between products.