Installing TotalView
NOTE: If you are installing TotalView to use with a demo license, see Evaluation Installations. To get a demo license, see For TotalView Student, see TotalView Student.
Most TotalView installers are provided as tar bundles, although installing on the macOS requires a graphical installer, and a graphical installer is also available for Linux x86 64-bit.
If you already have installed TotalView, skip this chapter, and move on to licensing:
*For TotalView for Developer, see Developer / Developer for HPC Licensing.
*For TotalView for HPC, see TotalView for HPC Licensing.
NOTE: Before starting, read the Release Notes on the TotalView documentation web page for late-breaking information that may not be in the documentation. For more information, see the TotalView Platforms Guide in the product distribution or on the web at TotalView Platforms Guide.