FlexNet Embedded (FNE) Demo License Installation
FlexNet Embedded (FNE) style licensing uses binary license files typically named license_demo.bin or license.bin.
Before starting the license file installation, first verify that your license file is a FlexNet Embedded style license by running the toolworks_licensetype utility:
<installdir>/toolworks/totalview.<version>/bin/toolworks_licensetype <licensefile>
The utility should report "FlexNet Embedded (FNE)". If it reports "FlexNet Publisher (FNP)," see FlexNet Publisher (FNP) Demo License Installation.
Install Option 1: Install license file in the default location within your TotalView installation.
NOTE: Versions prior to 2023.4 will have a …/toolworks/FNE_license directory, rather than …/toolworks/license.
Before you can use TotalView, place the demo license file, license_demo.bin into the <installdir>/toolworks/license directory of your TotalView installation. This license file was attached to the email message confirming your download request. If your email system did not retain this name, rename it after you save it to disk.
1. Become root user (optional).
If you installed TotalView as the root user, become the root user again. If you used sudo to install TotalView, use sudo in the following step.
2. Copy the license file.
Copy the license file to the license directory.
cp license_demo.bin <installdir>/toolworks/license
where <installdir> is the top-level directory where you performed the TotalView installation
Install Option 2: Install license file in a custom location
If you do not want to install the license_demo.bin file in the <installdir>/toolworks/license directory, set your TV_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to the file's full pathname. The following example shows the bash shell style syntax for setting TV_LICENSE_FILE.
export TV_LICENSE_FILE=<nonstandard-dir>/license_demo.bin
Test that TotalView can use the license file
<installdir>/toolworks/totalview.<version>/bin/totalview \
TotalView should come up without any license error dialogs.