Group > Attach Subset
Lets you indicate which processes TotalView should attach to when these processes begin executing. Limiting the processes to which TotalView attaches is beneficial as TotalView does not have to be concerned with unattached processes. That is, because you know that you will not be interested in what goes on in within a process, you can cut down on the time that TotalView uses to attach to all or most of your processes.
NOTE: TotalView lets you start MPI jobs in two ways. One requires that the starter process be under TotalView control and have special instrumentation for TotalView, and the other does not. In the first case, you will enter the name of the starter program on the command line. The other requires that you enter information into the File > New Program or the Process > Startup Parameters dialog boxes. The Attach Subset command is only available if you directly name a starter program on the command line. This is discussed in the Classic TotalView User Guide.
Figure 55 Attach Subset Dialog Box
Processes to Attach To
Use the controls in this area to specify the processes to which TotalView should attach when they are created. You have three choices:
Selection Area
Individually select or deselect processes
Attach All
Attach to all of the listed processes.
Detach All
Do not attach to any of these processes.
After selecting Attach All or Detach All, you can individually select or unselect processes. That is, if you only want to select a couple of processes, begin by clicking Detach All, then select the few to which TotalView should attach.
You can restrict the list of what is displayed by selecting the controls in this area. Filters do not control attaching or detaching. They are a mechanism for limiting the list of processes that are displayed.
Selecting one of the communicators from this list will display only processes using this communicator. You can then select or clear these values in one of the three ways just discussed.
Talking to Rank
TotalView will limit the display to communicators that receive messages from the indicated ranks. In addition to your rank numbers, TotalView includes two special variables: All and MPI_ANY_SOURCE.
Message Type
Select whether TotalView should show Send, Receive, or Unexpected messages.
Array of Ranks
This checkbox is automatically selected and the array name displayed if you have invoked Tools > Attach Subset (Array of Ranks) from the Variable Window. In this case, the dialog box will only display the list of processes whose ranks match the array elements.
List of Ranks
Enter rank numbers to filter on. Use a dash to indicate a range of ranks, and commas to indicate individual ranks. For example: 3, 10-16, 24.
Halt control group
Selecting this button tells TotalView to stop all of the processes in the control group after it attaches to a process. If it isn’t selected, TotalView will immediately execute the control group after it attaches to them. The button is not active if the dialog box is launched after the job is already started. It is active only at the initial startup of a parallel job. You typically want to halt processes to allow the setting of breakpoints.